Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Running far far away, and not looking back... Thats what needs to happen.

Lately the feeling of run is all that occurs. Over spring break i went to Indiana on a road trip. we literally just drove the back roads of Indiana. Yes, we did get lost... more than once. This random Indiana trip has to do with my feeling of wanting to run.

Running away, wouldn't life be easier if i did that? No school to worry about, no body but myself to worry about, no work to go to. Yup sounds like a good life to me. Actually it is a really stupid idea. Which is why i have yet to do it.

The feeling to run is common in many people. the difference between me and them is i fight the urge to run and work thing out. I may run for a night, or day or two (meaning road trip) but its just to clear my head and give myself a break, i always have the intention of coming back.

Who doesn't have the feeling to run every once in a while.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Different Lives.

Today i realized how different my family life is compared to others. I didnt so much just realize this but it deff opened my eyes.

I was at my favorite place in mason and talking to some people this morning. The girl i was talking to was telling me how much she hates her family and just wants to move out of that house. She was also telling me how she is in a big fight with her mom right now, and how her mom is just supper mean (verbally) to her. then she proceeded to tell me how she just wants to straight up tell them all how she feels about them so she will get kicked out of the house and then she can move in with someone else and not feel bad about it.

After she told me this i piped in and explained how its weird for me to hear all this. I continued on to tell her how when i recently got into a fight with my mom i straight up said "if you continue to yell at me for stupid things right now i get home, i'm not going to want to come home anymore" and then i left the house for a few hours until they went to bed. Well about an hour after i had left i got a text from my mom saying "you know we love you and always will love you, dont you?"

I told my friend that story and she told me how their fights end with this is why i'm mad. No i'm sorry, or i love you. just more yelling, and arguing.

I never doubt i have a good family life. it just always opens my eyes more when i hear a story like that.

I'm a lucky girl. I grew up in a great home. And i am thankful for that.

Different lives, of different people.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

What a Bust

I used to look forward to the day, i would count down the days.. 3,2,1... I'M FREEEEEE!!!! No school for a week, because of spring break! lounge around, hang with friends, some years maybe even going on vacation.

This year i wont lie, i didn't look forward to it at all. Working all break, and doing school work... not the exact ideal spring break i had in mind. Have nothing planed for this spring break. school, and work. sounds fun huh?

Just decided that as you get older, the things you used to look forward to start to fad away.

Spring Break Bust.

(Where i want to be)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday Time.

Lets start off with saying yesterday was my 20th birthday.

Now im not going to lie, i wasnt really looking forward to my birthday because non of my friends could really celebrate it with me. I actually would continue to forget it was coming until someone reminded me. I also had to work on my birthday and it wasnt bad, but i would have wanted to do somthing else.

but anyways. I get home from work and and both mom and dads side of the family grandparents are there to have my birthday dinner with me. We eat dinner, and then we get to the cake!!! For weeks now i have been requesting a coffee flavored cake (chocolate esprsso cake to be exact) well my dad found a recipe for a chocolate cake with coffee in it!! ANNNND THENNNN my mom bought me coffee ice cream!! It was SO good!!!

We then get to presents my moms parents got me a git card, and my dads parents gave me money.

I then have a present from my parents. Leta flash back a little...
FLASH BACKK: at Christmas my mom and dad got me a northface fleece and i was told i was not getting anything for my birthday because it cost a lot. I was totally ok with that because I love my fleece!!
FLASH FORWARD: i open this tiny present. and when i opend it there was a sock in it... i was like oh goodness there trying to be funny. but then i see that there is somthing inside the sock... it was a set of keys. At first i thought they had put my keys in the sock, nope. it was a diffrent set of keys to a diffrent car.

Aparently sence Aug. my parents have been planing on giving me his car. This car is my dads parents old car. They have been waiting for my car to die and give me this new one, but gave it to me early.

I am now a proud owner of a 2004 oldsmobile alero. Its silver =]


I have the best parents ever!!!
(not my car but looks like it)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Stuck in the snow

The title says it all. I'm here in south lyon house sitting for my aunt. South lyon is about an hour away from lansing.

MY whole goal this morning was to get up early let the dog out, feed him, and play with him, then proceed to class. Well I did all that and then it took a turn for the worse. i was backing out of the drive way, got almost all the way down when BAMMM! My car wasnt moving anymore, and i was stuck. I then tryed to still get out and i think i just made it worse.

I sit here in the nice warm house after an hour of trying to unstuck my car.. it may be a lost cause for now...

Stuck in the snow.. No where to go.

(not my car... and not anywhere as bad)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Craving some Baldwin

Baldwin. The place of no return.

Baldwin is a teeny tinny town in Michigan, about 30 mins away from Ludington. My grandparents have a little cottage house up there and allow me and my friends to go up there every once in a while. Baldwin also has the most amazing ice cream parlor called Jones's! Mmm Great ice cream awaits me.

I love going up there. It is the most peaceful place ever. In the summer, and winter.

I tend to go up there (mostly) in the summer with my friends by ourselves. We're crazy no matter where we are, but it seems to be when we are in Baldwin we are even more so crazy. It is never a dull moment when were up there.

The cabin is in the middle of no where. There is barley any service for cell phones, no internet, and sometimes no cable. It basically cuts you off from society, which is great once in a while. Getting reading done, or just some random thinking is always great! I love it there and i cannot wait for it to be a little warmer out to go again. (the last time we went in the winter, it was too much of an adventure so i'm going to still to warm weather time). An adventure up there is calling my name.

Craving a trip to Baldwin And of course some Jones's Ice Cream!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Piano Love

When asked the question "what is your favorite instrument?" My answer: "The Piano"

I have loved the piano my whole life. When i was younger i would beg and beg my parents to get my piano lessons, but they were always way too expensive. So i never learned as a child. However, I got tought a few things from my grandma. So i knew a little.

It wasnt until i was a Junior in High School when i finally got the honor of piano lessons. But when your older you dont have a much time to sit down and practice. So i sadly had to quit.

Today I was babysitting this GREAT Family. One of the kids has been taking piano lessons for a little while no and is becoming really good. I just sat and listened to him play. It was beautiful. It bought the biggest smile to my face.

Listening to someone play the piano is just so cool and peaceful. i am always in awe to watch anyone play. I give them MAJOR props for being able to. It isnt the easiest thing to play. and take a lot of patients to be able to stick with it. While listening to someone play i get lost in the moment. it is great. Oh might i add that the kid i was listening to play the piano is only in 4th grade. hes already amazing at it!!

I get lost when i listen to the piano, i call it piano love. And if i do say so myself, it is one of the best loves out there.

Lost in Piano Love.